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  • GAO CE GuideUpdateMAR20Washington DC: The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) just released on March 12, 2020, the new update of their standard COST ESTIMATING AND ASSESSMENT GUIDE: Best Practices for Developing and Managing Program Costs.  This update received contributions and reviews from a panel of selected international experts, including Alexandre Rodrigues, Executive Partner of PMO Projects Group.  This GAO Standard is publicly available here.

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  • RosatomLogo3Moscow: Russia's publicly owned State Atomic Energy Corporation, ROSATOM, is currently enrolled in the development of an internal Project Management methodology called TCM-NC based on AACE's Total Cost Management framework adapted for nuclear construction.  An international workshop was organized bringing together some of the world experts in Cost Engineering, formally appointed by ROSATOM to deliver counseling.  Alexandre Rodrigues was invited to present the EVM control method.

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  • AdvancesinProjectManagementLondon: The acclaimed seminal book Advances in Project Management covers key areas of improvement in understanding and project capability further-up the management chain. Drawn from some of the world’s leading practitioners and researchers, including Dr. Alexandre Rodrigues, and compiled by Professor Darren Dalcher of the National Centre for Project Management (UK), this book provides new approaches and novel perspectives that will improve decisions.

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  • EPILEPSIAEProjectEurope: one of the most important research projects in medicine and computer science ever funded by the European Commission, this project was aimed at making significant advances in the forecasting of epileptic seizures.  PMO Projects was contracted as the partner company to implement Project Risk Management.

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  • NCOC-Logo-SmallAstana: the North Caspian Operating Company in Kazakhstan selected PMO Projects Group to train their professionals in Cost Engineering and Project Controls (Earned Value Management). PMO Projects Portugal was selected as an European company accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Cost Engineering International (AACE) as an Approved Education Provider (AEP).


  • DundeePBulgariaSofia: the Canadian based international mining company Dundee Precious Metals, acquired PMO Projects Portugal services to receive advise on how to implement the Earned Value Management (EVM) method as the basis to control their projects, in particular at Chelopech in Bulgaria.  An EVM seminar and workshop delivered by PMO Projects for Chelopech took place in Sofia.

  • BHPBLogoMaputo: the company MOZAL from the Australian based BHPBilliton international group - one of the world's largest producer of aluminum and one of the most important companies for the sustained development of the Mozambican economy - has established what is currently a 14 years long partnership with PMO Projects Group to develop and improve their internal Project Management competencies and processes through both training and consultancy.

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  • SamarcoBelo Horizonte: The Brazilian company Samarco, assessed by the Exame magazine as the Best Mining Company of Brazil and the second largest in its sector, selected PMO Projects Brasil for the implementation of the project control method Earned Value Management (EVM).  The support of PMO Projects will focus on defining the processes of project and portfolio management aligned with the latest international standard from PMI: the Practice Standard for Earned Value Management (2nd Edition). The work now underway initiated in January 2014.

  • odebrecht

    Barquisimeto: one of the largest construction companies in South America, Odebrecht Engineering and Construction, selected the companies PMO-Projects-Brazil and PMO-Projects-Portugal to implement an integrated project risk management process in a mega-construction project in the industrial production sector, currently underway in Venezuela.  This engagement was initiated in May 2013 and extended throughout 2014, following the project's execution.

MISSION – Why we exist

We challenge organizations and individuals in all areas of the economic and social activity in adopting professionalized practices of excellence in Organizational Project Management, thereby allowing them to increase their level of maturity, productivity and competitiveness in the realization of change and innovation strategies based on projects, programs and portfolios.

VISION – Where we want to be

Be recognized and respected as a leading organization and as a reference of excellence at the international level in the area of professionalized Organizational Project Management.

VALUES - What we believe in

  • Work with Openness, Ethics and Integrity – because we foster trust
  • Work as a Team – because achieving the extraordinary is more important than wanting to be extraordinary
  • Innovation, Expertise and Excellence – because we evolve in the forefront of knowledge
  • Efficiency and Performance – because we solve your problems in the best possible way



For many organizations the impact of Project Management on business performance has become an unavoidable reality.  Why is that so?

Since the primordial of civilization, projects were and continue to be the vehicle to implement change.  What characterizes most the current reality we live in is an increasingly accelerated pace of change, which without precedent demands from organizations flexibility, capacity to adapt, and ability to innovate.  Innovation and adaptation are nowadays synonymous of change.  This way, managing the business by projects has become an inevitable reality to almost all organizations.    

Will this emerging reality pose major challenges to organizations in order to adapt and change their traditional working processes?

Yes.  For a great majority of the organizations the processes they have established are primarily oriented towards functional activities, which are characterized by repetitive operations.  While these activities constitute an important part of their business, value-added change can only be accomplished effectively through projects.  This is why organizations who pay attention to this emerging reality have realized that they need to develop and improve their Project Management capabilities.

Many organizations recognized this reality and consequently already re-aligned their business processes towards "projects".  Will this be sufficient? 

While managing the business by projects is not strictly mandatory, for the organization whose survival and prosperity depends on its ability to implement and manage change, this is the most effective management model.  However, managing by projects will only deliver results if the organization achieves a high level of maturity in managing projects.  Only in this way projects will deliver the expected results while addressing the needs of the business strategy.

And how to develop this important competency?

There are a number of requirements for the development of Project Management competency. Firstly, it is necessary to devise and design the methodologies that are adequate to the specific reality and needs of the organization. Supporting tools are then needed to implement these methodologies efficiently and effectively. Human resources need to develop the know-how and working culture of Project Management, so they may become true professionals in the undertaking of this activity.

Organizational Project Management must have its place within the organization, preferably being promoted by a specialized competency center: the Project Management Office (PMO). Finally, it is never advisable to reinvent the wheel: instead, it is wiser to make use of an existing both scientific and field-proven body of knowledge – i.e. the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide).

Knowing what is required is essential, but yet it is not sufficient: it is equally fundamental to know how to conduct the implementation process in the field. Being a process of organizational transformation, developing project management competency and capabilities does require an utmost attention.

Being something new to many organizations, where to start from?

With the purpose of helping organizations in this important challenge, at PMO Projects Group we have been developing several products and services, which differentiate form the more traditional consulting services oriented towards the optimization of repetitive processes.  It is with a strong sense of mission that we note a high degree of success in helping prestigious organizations all around the world to implement effective Project Management practices, thereby contributing to an effective improvement in productivity and competitiveness in the global market and to the prosperity of the global economy to which we all belong.